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Whilst at PRP, Andrew led the planning team in the production of research led projects.

This included undertaking research in relation to housing land supply, local plan progress, minimum space standards, design standards and other key matters across a range of local authorities for a mixture of external and internal clients.


One such piece of research was the preparation of a briefing paper following the publication of the Housing Delivery Test data by MHCLG in February 2019. Significant work was undertaken in advance of the much awaited figures from central government to enable the rapid deployment of the briefing paper immediately following the publication of the data, before many other planning consultancies got their own research out.

The research was extremely well received by the industry and ABC will continue to follow the development of the Housing Delivery Test and other key policy matters.


ABC is able to undertake bespoke research work on behalf of clients to assist in land strategy, business planning and other matters.   

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